Yvonne Dineen

Political Party / Group: NON-PARTY/IND
Current Councillor or MEP?: No
Email: yvonnedineen97@gmail.com
City or County Council: Kerry County Council

About me


I was brought up in Tralee and come from a working-class family. During the 80s I emigrated to London where I met my partner. We have two boys in their 20’s and two girls in their teens. My family and I returned to Tralee in 2001. Employment positions held include healthcare assistant, publican and catering manager. Voluntary work – Co. Founder/Co. Director – The Happy Memories Store CLG.

My Priorities & Ideas

Establish an independent residents chamber so residents can obtain meaningful support to address their issues in a safe and confidential manner.
HEALTH SERVICE: Increased support at community level – especially in mental health care and care of
the elderly.
CLIMATE CHANGE: A plastic deposit-return scheme and a ban on plastic packaging.
Food waste – enforce Company policy to reduce food waste all along the food chain.

Why I am (or will be) a good politician

I will take an active role in our town. I am confident that I can voice sensible changes that deal directly with our local issues. I believe I have the integrity, courage and work ethic to make a positive impact. I will commit time and energy to supporting environmental and sustainability issues. I will also commit to working with volunteer groups and new and existing business owners so I can gain an understanding of their challenges and do my best to address their concerns.

Name three characteristics of a great politician

Honesty, Dedication and Integrity.

What would you like to achieve in the next 5 years?

I would like to have fulfilled my role as a representative and be confident that I contributed to improving the future of our community.

What is the one mistake you witness politicians making more frequently than others?

Making false promises at election time.

What politician or ex-politician outside Ireland do you admire and why?

Mhairi Black. SNP. Mhairi has proven herself to be honest, hardworking, passionate, strong and very knowledgeable on all issues.

In politics, there can be a tendency for the “system” to dampen the “inspiration.” How do you keep this from happening?

Seek advice and inspiration from people that have suffered failure but have gone on to be successful by taking a different direction. Accept and admit when something is no longer working.

What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

Honest, reliable and dedicated.

Who is on the guest list for your ideal dinner party?

Catherine Connolly TD

If you could have personally witnessed anything in history, what would you want to have seen?

The defining moment when Martin Luther King delivered the “I have a dream” speech in Washington in 1963.

What is on your bucket list?

Volunteer for a humanitarian project abroad.
Try snorkelling in the great barrier reef.
Visit the pyramids in Egypt.

What values are most important to you?


How do you keep yourself motivated?

I keep myself motivated on issues and tasks by believing that there will be a positive outcome if I keep trying.

What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

Be completely honest in my abilities so I do not disappoint those that put their faith in me. Be trustworthy and confident and listen carefully to what people want and need.

What’s your favourite movie?

The Green Mile
Mrs Doubtfire
The Mannequin

If you had 30 seconds in an elevator to convince someone to vote for you what would you say?

I am a first-time candidate and would really appreciate a chance to prove myself by representing you and the community.