Luke Field

Political Party / Group: Labour Party
Current Councillor or MEP?: No
Mobile: 0838261675
City or County Council: Cork City Council

About me

I’m from Cork (and proud of it). Since the start of primary school, all of my education took place in Cork City (two schools on the Mardyke, followed by University College Cork), and I started my working life here as well.

I have significant academic and professional experience in politics, including my current role as a lecturer in politics at UCC. I’m also completing a PhD in Political Science with University College Dublin.

I have ten years of political experience: as an activist with the Labour Party, being involved with various community groups, and being the deputy chairperson of the Together for Yes campaign in Cork last year.

But in many ways, my main reason for standing is my personal experience. I’ve spent the last ten years renting, mostly in Cork City (with a brief period in Dublin), and I’ve spent that time working in precarious employment, in low-paid jobs, and paying huge rents for precarious accommodation. I want to bring that perspective to Cork City Council.

My Priorities & Ideas

My priorities stem from how great we can imagine Cork City becoming and supporting people in creating that city. But it means getting the basics right: increasing the public housing stock by building on publicly-owned land; greening the city through sustainable public transport and active transport initiatives, such as cycling; and ensuring proper care and maintenance of all public amenities.

There are people who are not well represented in Cork City Council: those are working in the call centres, or who are doing relief shifts; those who are paying huge rents and have no security of tenure. But it’s also older people, who are looking at what their children are facing into in this regard, and not seeing anybody in their Council who is willing to stand up for them. They want to see somebody on Council who will give a voice to the young person, who will give a voice to the precarious worker, who will give a voice to the person who is desperately in need of housing.