Imran Khurshid

Political Party / Group: Fianna Fáil
Current Councillor or MEP?: No
Phone: 0863929210
City or County Council: Dublin City Council

About me

Originally from Pakistan, Imran fell in love with Dublin’s North Inner City when he arrived some 12 years ago and made his home here becoming an Irish citizen in 2017.
Since 2007, Imran has served the community of Dublin’s North Inner City as a legal professional and built his own successful legal practice. Imran has also been appointed by the Chief Justice of Ireland as a Notary Public and Commissioner for Oaths. He works as a bridge builder for all members of the diverse community of the North Inner city.

As a first time candidate, Imran is privileged to meet so many across the North Inner City and learn about their issues.
Imran is ambitious about the future of the North Inner City and is committed to serving the North Inner City using his strong work ethic, legal qualifications and expertise to work for you.

My Priorities & Ideas

Illegal Dumping

The North Inner City is a great place to live though unfortunately, Dublin City Council has failed to adequately tackle the persistent illegal dumping that has taken place since the privatisation of domestic bin collections. Fianna Fáil opposed the privatisation of bin collections and the abolition of the low-income household bin waiver. Imran will work to end illegal dumping in Dublin’s North Inner City by championing an affordable bin service, re-introduction of low-income household bin waiver and regular street cleaning. It is only right to expect streets to be kept clean when you pay your local property tax.


In the last five years, Dublin City Council has built no new social or affordable homes in the North Inner City yet at the same time, 1,000s of student accommodation units have been built. It has become totally unaffordable for working people to rent or buy a home.
This is unacceptable. If Imran is elected to represent the North Inner City he will