Grace O’Sullivan

Political Party / Group: Green Party
Current Councillor or MEP?:
Phone: 016183774

About me

I’m currently a member of Seanad Eireann, the first elected Green Party senator, and a proud member of the Seanad Civil Engagement Group. I worked with Greenpeace International for over 20 years fighting against pollution of air, sea, ground and the atmosphere, including serving on the Rainbow Warrior when it was bombed in Auckland Harbour in 1985.

Since returning home, I have been living back in Tramore, Co Waterford with my three daughters, and working in the Seanad to protect the environment, to secure a better housing and planning policy, and other issues including digital rights, agriculture, peace and neutrality, rural transport and community development.

I ran for the European Parliament in 2014 and secured the Green Party’s best ever result in the 2014 election. This time around I am running to highlight the climate crisis and to change Ireland’s shameful record of inaction on the issue.

My Priorities & Ideas

I am determined to put tackling the climate crisis and decarbonising Europe’s economy at the heart of EU action over the next five years. All policy proposals, from energy to transport, trade to agriculture, must be assessed with the separate but linked ecological and climate crises at the basis our the EU response.

I have worked in the Seanad to secure an ecologically coherent network of European Marine Protected Areas, and to tackle the marine plastics pollution issue. Protecting our marine environment from fossil fuel extraction, industrial overfishing and over development will be a key focus.

I want also to ensure the sustainable development of Ireland’s South East, with a special focus on development of sustainable transport and renewable energy.

I want also to focus on community led approaches to these issues, and to resource and assist community groups and umbrella organisations in tackling them using the best of local knowledge and with maximum citizen involvement.