Gemma O’Doherty

Political Party / Group: NON-PARTY/IND
Current Councillor or MEP?: No

About me

Gemma O’Doherty is a multi award-winning journalist whose work has shone a light on some of the darkest corners of Irish life. Campaigning Journalist of the Year, her investigations have led to the reopening of a number of unsolved murder cases and child abuse cases involving police corruption and political interference. A Master’s graduate from UCD, she was Chief Features Writer with the Irish Independent where she worked for almost 20 years. She established her credentials as a filmmaker in 2016 when she released ‘Mary Boyle: The Untold Story’, a multi award-winning documentary about a high-level police and political cover-up surrounding Ireland’s longest and youngest missing person. It has been viewed almost 1 million times on YouTube. Her investigation into the Fr Niall Molloy murder led to a state enquiry. In the Oireachtas, her work was described as revealing ‘the biggest cover-up in the history of the state.’ She has also won awards for her work on health and the environment

My Priorities & Ideas

Ireland is drowning in a sea of corruption. Once the land of saints and scholars, it is now a den of iniquity synonymous with cover-ups, white-collar criminality and cronyism. Every day, in every corner of the country, citizens’ rights are being abused and their taxes squandered by the corrupt ruling elite. From justice to health, agriculture to environment, migration to media, every sphere of Irish public life has been infested with a culture of dishonesty and sleaze. As a people, we cannot continue to stand by any longer and allow this to happen.
I have established a new political organisation called Anti-Corruption Ireland devoted to ending this toxic culture of corruption. It will also fight the threat of globalism and the UN’s Agenda 21 which is dismantling our national sovereignty, cultural and natural heritage, and endangering our independence. Ireland must consign FFFG and the controlled opposition to the dustbin of history if we are to have any hope of prosperity and justice

Why I am (or will be) a good politician

As a journalist, I have spent more than 20 years exposing corruption in the institutions of the state. I believe passionately in serving the public interest, standing up against injustice and defending the truth.
I despair at the suffering of so many citizens who are enslaved to debt and cannot dream of a future in their country. I also believe they have been entrapped by debt not by accident but by design and that their suffering is wholly unnecessary. The core values of Anti-Corruption Ireland are to demand probity, transparency and accountability in public office and end the reckless waste of taxpayers’ money by the governing elite. Its aim is to create an Ireland where public servants who abuse citizens’ rights and their taxes will lose their jobs, their pensions and their liberty. Until the agents of corruption face consequences for their actions, nothing will change. I believe Ireland can become the prosperous, safe and healthy nation our forefathers dreamed of a century ago.

Name three characteristics of a great politician

Integrity, honesty and a passion for justice.

What would you like to achieve in the next 5 years?

To rid Ireland of the culture of corruption that infests the institutions of the state and encourage people to choose politicians who do not squander their taxes and abuse their rights. That is how we create the prosperous nation we all deserve.

What politician or ex-politician outside Ireland do you admire and why?

Anyone who defends national sovereignty and stands up against the corrupt unelected cabal in Brussels and the UN who are destroying all that is great about Europe. I admire any who are fearless in their passion to fight corruption and injustice.

What is the one mistake you witness politicians making more frequently than others?

Lying to the public, serving themselves and their vested interests first, going into politics for all of the wrong reasons, not making brave decisions for the people, following the herd, giving into corruption and becoming beholden to others.

In politics there can be a tendency for the “system” to dampen the “inspiration.” How do you keep this from happening?

This is one of the great lies put out to make people feel helpless and detached from democracy. The system is made up of people. If they were to lose their jobs and go to prison for abusing citizens’ rights and taxes, the system would start to work

What personal or professional achievement are you most proud of?

All of my investigations into the cover-up of murder including Mary Boyle, Fr Molloy, Raonaid Murray, Sophie Du Plantier and Madeleine McCann. I have also written extensively about health dangers like water fluoridation and unsafe vaccines.

What advice would you give your younger self?


What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

Passionate about injustice, loathing of corruption and determined to create a better country.