Finbarr Filan

Political Party / Group: Renua
Current Councillor or MEP?: No
Mobile: 0879859631
City or County Council: Sligo County Council

About me

My name is Finbarr Filan and I grew up living over
the family shop in the heart of Sligo town. Sligo is my passion.
I firmly believe in the potential of Sligo to grow and become the economic hub for the entire North West. We have the people, the resources and the grit to grow our town and having worked for the last five years on the town team, I want to continue to help to improve Sligo’s future.
I qualified as a Manufacturing Engineer and have had over 25 years experience in industrial, retail and town centre management. I am married to Geraldine and have 3 children and manage our family’s award-winning Centra store on Castle Street that employs 22 people.
I have, like many of us, faced the ups and downs of life. I believe that community action and participation will help us all to improve life for everyone in Sligo. I am running for election because I want to make a difference for my home town.

My Priorities & Ideas

If elected I commit to actively working on the following issues
My Short Short Term Priorities
• A Resolution to Lower Connaughton Road.
• Introduction of Rates Break for new Business opening in Vacant Buildings
• Utilising Stephen St Plaza as the Hub to drive Tourism Growth in Sligo
• Dog Fouling Awareness Program
• Access to the Garavogue from the North Bank with a walkway from Town to Hazelwood

My Long Term Priorities
• Restoring a Balanced Housing Market to Sligo
• Support the development of Sheltered Step Up Accommodation for the Homeless in Sligo
• An Urban Regeneration programme for the Centre of Sligo
• Developing a Natural Gas Connection in Sligo
• Water Sports Facility on the Garavogue
• Community Hall/Sports Facility for Strandhill/ and the Northside Communities
• Make Sligo the Mental Wealth Capital of the world

We can grow Sligo by working together – by building on our history, our passion and the pride we all feel for our town.