Councillor Michael Merrigan

Political Party / Group: NON-PARTY/IND
Current Councillor or MEP?: Yes
Phone: 0868756026
Mobile: 0868756026
City or County Council: Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown County Council

About me

I was elected in 2014 based on my community activism.
My record in community and voluntary activities spans a period of over thirty years and in that time, I have been very active in many campaigns, initiatives and projects.
My major objective throughout has always been the empowerment of communities. Encouraging active citizenship, good neighbourliness and combating anti-social behaviour.
My community action and volunteerism are wide ranging and includes the various local, national and international organisations.
As the only Councillor in this election living right in the heart of the Local Electoral Area, I have a solid track record of achievements based on the following:
** Experience, knowledge and awareness of LOCAL ISSUES
** Identification with COMMUNITY INITIATIVES
** Record of public association and action on COUNTY COUNCIL ISSUES
** Experience of the workings of LOCAL GOVERNMENT

My Priorities & Ideas

A full listing of my priorities is available on my website.