Cllr. Alison Gilliland

Political Party / Group: Labour Party
Current Councillor or MEP?: yes
Mobile: 0866015154
City or County Council: Dublin City Council

About me

My name is Alison Gilliland. I’m originally from Monaghan but have lived in the local area for almost 25 years.
I am a former primary school teacher. I taught in Darndale for 6 years and subsequently in Swords. I’m now a trade union official with the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation (INTO).

I didn’t grow up in a political household but was involved in local union activism. I joined the Labour Party about 12 years ago when I realised I had to do something other than shout at the radio when ‘the state of the country’ was being discussed. I needed to do something active, something positive! The Labour Party best reflects my values of social and economic equality and fairness.

I believe in walking the walk, not just talking the talk. For me politics is about working with and for people to make a positive change to them and their communities whether that be getting a local footpath repaired or changing local council policy on housing or seeking funding for a new playground.

My Priorities & Ideas

I passionately believe that our local authorities should provide more and better local services, amenities and facilities to our local communities. Since first being elected to DCC in 2014 I have become a strong and determined voice for sustainable housing and appropriate development across our area, effective public transport and public infrastructure, well resourced emergency services and more local community/recreation amenities – green spaces, play grounds and meeting spaces with organised activities.
My key priorities are:
Clean, safe, green communities
Transport & traffic management that serve our everyday needs
Well planned sustainable housing & local development
Local recreational & sports facilities that promote community activity & inclusion
Increased resources for Dublin Fire Brigade ambulance service & local Gardai
Support for local businesses & the creation of local employment opportunities
Good communication & consultation with local residents on key local issues