Cllr. Carly Bailey

Political Party / Group: Social Democrats
Current Elected Position: No
Mobile: 0860683007
City or County Council: South Dublin County Council

About me

I live in Greenhills with my husband and two children. We were a very ordinary working family who felt the brunt of the crash in 2008. Our mortgage was sold to a vulture fund and despite trying out best to get back on our feet, we lost our family home in 2013. This is what brought me into politics. I have spent the last six years in education in order to better understand how the system works and how working people can end up in situations like ours.
I have throughout that time campaigned on many issues such as the housing crisis, access to education, IVF funding, children’s disability services and issues around poverty, social exclusion and inequality.
I led the campaign to open a local Educate Together secondary school which was successful and I currently sit on its board of mangagement. I was the co-convenor for the Dublin South West Together For Yes campaign. I have worked with the community to highlight the issues we face at the potential loss of the 15A bus route.

My Priorities & Ideas

I want to fight for our community on South Dublin County Council. I am very lucky to be raising my own family in such a strong and close knit community. I believe that when our needs are met, communities are stronger, safer and more vibrant. I will prioritise:
-Affordable housing to rent and buy.
-Reliable public transport to enable residents to get to St. James hospital, Tallaght hospital and beyond. We will continue to oppose the proposed loss of the 15A bus.
-More public bins & litter wardens to deal with illegal dumping and dog fouling. Our lanes need much more regular maintenance to keep the area looking well.
-Investment in cycling infrastructure including the Dodder Greenway and segregated cycling lanes.
-Push for connection of the Southside Metro.
-Better funding for community groups, community centres and libraries.
-A strong local response to climate change including establishing Repair Cafés.
-Developing and supporting more community garden projects.