Ashling Merriman

Political Party / Group: Solidarity-People Before Profit
Current Councillor or MEP?: No
Phone: +353876265371
Mobile: +353876265371

About me

Originally from Dublin i have been Living in Naas for over 25 years. I have been working in Healthcare in Naas Hospital for 15 years. An active trade unionist who promotes workers rights fairness and equal opportunities in my workplace. I have campaigned against zero hour contracts and low paid jobs and held protests on Health and housing and i have and will continue to support Gino kennys Cannabis for medical use regulation bill. I was one of the main organisers to the write to water protests in Naas and i played an active role in Kildare together for yes in the referendum to repeal the 8th amendment

My Priorities & Ideas

My Priorities are Health, Mental Health to fight for the extra construction to Naas hospital and the lakeview unit A public health service that treats people according to there medical need not the size of their wallet
Housing: use public land for social housing and cap the price of building land to build affordable housing introduce proper rent controls
Education: Fight for development of more schools abolish third level fees make education a right that is accessible to all
Small local Businesses : A rate system that benefits small businesses over large enterprises
climate: Keep fossil fuels in the ground I would be seeking to declare climate change emergency in a development adaptation plan Working together through the strategy and across sectors, to support economic growth whilst protecting and enhancing our natural and historic environment and creating and sustaining communities that are vibrant, healthy and resilient and to look into local Development Plan