Andrew Keegan

Political Party / Group: Solidarity-People Before Profit
Current Councillor or MEP?: Yes
Mobile: 0876675895
City or County Council: Dublin City Council

About me

Andrew Keegan is a lifelong socialist and represents People Before Profit in Dublin North West. He was elected to Dublin City Council in 2014.
Andrew works in construction and has a particular interest in sustainable construction. He is a qualified carpenter with a Bsc. Degree in Environmental Studies. He brings this expertise to his role as a city councillor.

Andrew is presently on the Housing Committee of Dublin City Council. He is an active member of the City of Dublin Education Training Board with a particular interest in apprentice and vocational training.

As a Councillor and a construction worker Andrew Keegan has challenged the four conservative establishment parties. He believes that we need real working men and women, young and old, to represent us. Working people representing working people.

My Priorities & Ideas

Local Issues:
We need public housing on public land this brings down rents or th cost for those who want to buy. I am fighting for more public housing in my area.
We want Public Housing on Public Land!
We need more public creches and childcare facilities in all areas including my own.
Reverse the cuts to local youth services and build community spirits, it is no coincidence that we have a rise in anti-social behavior shortly after we have a cut in youth services.

We need more investment in all or our estates across the city. We pay our taxes so where is our community gain. We need a community bailout!

People Before Profit offers a real alternative to Fine Gael and their partners Fianna Fail.
We will fight on all national issue during this local election such as Housing, Health, Education, Childcare, Jobs and Employment conditions.
Climate Change we want System Change and not Climate Change.