About us

Candidates.ie is part of NoteCloud Ltd, a technology company focused on community solutions based in Tralee, Co. Kerry. Our other product in the market is See It Say It (www.seeitsayit.ie). We are not associated with any political party or candidate.

We designed this website to help connect voters with candidates online and plant loads of trees in the process. We want to help put our elections on a more sustainable path by reducing the overall carbon footprint of the elections. Candidates pay to be featured and that pays for the tree planting. Voters can browse for free and find out about candidates. We also hope this website makes it easier for a digital savvy younger demographic to find out about candidates and vote on election day.


The Environmental Education Unit of An Taisce (e.g. LEAF, Green-Schools, Clean Coasts, National Spring Clean) are our partner in this project and they will be planting the trees in schools and communities across Ireland. Over 50% of the revenue generated will go towards tree planting and education programmes.

“Climate change is one the biggest issue facing us at the moment, this collaborative initiative will provide an opportunity to tackle climate change at a community level by planting trees with our schools and community groups across the country. Not only will we be planting trees, but we will also educate and raise awareness about the importance of trees and the multifunctional benefits of forests” – Rachel Geary, LEAF Coordinator with EEU An Taisce.

Election posters and flyers certainly have an important role to play but we believe the volume is excessive. So let’s have less posters, less flyers and more trees please!

Contact Us:  info@candidates.ie

Address: Block 2, HQ Tralee, Dominic St, Tralee